SSD Health

We all know solid-state drives take a bit of care, so if you want to keep track of how your SSD is faring health-wise, free utility SSD Health will let you know. While lots of newer SSDs have fewer lifespan-related problems than older ones, it's nice to keep an eye on how your drive is doing. SSD Health will let you know how many times your drive has been powered on, written to, what its health and S.M.A.R.T. status is, and even give you an estimated lifespan of the drive.

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ssd health

Health Control

If you are curious as to how long your SSD will work correctly, you may want to have a look at SSD Health.

Full drive information

It is one such dedicated tool which lets you view complete information about the SSD disks, shows all the technical details.

Estimated lifespan

SSDHealth can help predict when a hard drive is about to fail, giving you the chance to backup your data before disaster strikes.